Platform Vision

The Philosophy



“Players should be allowed to play with the confidence to be creative and learn through a games based approach with opportunities to make intelligent decisions and realistic challenge within game situations”

The Aim



•To engage, inspire and develop children using football as a tool to undertake a holistic approach to player development. 

•Platform Sports Coaching aims to provide children of various ages with positive footballing experiences both technically and tactically. 

•These aspects of the game begin to install individuality, creativity, confidence and intelligent decision making.

•All players will be taught the Platform way of playing by learning Platform principles

The Owner


 Nick Ford graduated from Chichester University with a Bsc Sport & Exercise science degree. Since then he has has been heavily involved in keeping young children active and has recently specialised in early movement patterns. He is a Uefa B and FA Youth Module 3 qualified coach and has had experience at Brighton, Chelsea, Millwall & Fulham football clubs. He is currently a PE teacher at a primary school within Kingston & has had various scouting roles with both Fulham & Southampton Aademy.