Terms & Conditions


Please read these Conditions as well as our Terms carefully. By registering for a  programme with Platform Sports Coaching you accept these Conditions as well as agree to our Terms (which constitute a legal agreement). In order to understand this agreement we will outline some key definitions Platform Sports Coaching ltd (or the “Service”) is a sports coaching service which is offered through our website www.platformsportscoaching.co.uk

(this will be refered as the “Website”) which allows you to book onto various courses that the service provides. If you have booked onto a programme via telephone or email a link to the terms and conditions will be provided to you in your booking confirmation email which will be sent to the email address you have provided. 

Booking confirmation eligibility

- You must be 18 years old and legally able to enter into contracts

- Complete the registration process  

- Agree to terms

- Provide true complete and up to date contact information 

Cancellng booking or termination of this agreement. The customer can stop attending the programme whenever they wish however a refund will not be issued unless the company have suspended our service to you. A refund will be issued for any remaining sessions if applicable. Once terminated we will delete all personal information we hold. A complete guide to how we use your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy. 

Platform Sports Coaching provide services to all children and are free from discrimination regardless of their gender, specific needs, learning difficulties, background, religion, ethnicity or how well they can speak English. 


Bookings for all Platform Sports Coaching services must be made in advance. Full payment must be made upon registering for a programme. Payment can be made online through our website, paypal or via bacs to the account details provided. Unfortunately we do not currently accept Childcare Vouchers. If we have not received payment within 14 days of booking confirmation being sent we will issue a reminder email and the customer will be suspened from the programme until the amount has been paid in full. If payment is not received within 28 days the booking will be cancelled and the customer will remain suspended. Debt recovery action will be taken. Bookings should be made through the platform sports coaching website www.platformsportscoaching.co.uk or via email info@platformsportscoaching.co.uk


Platform Sports Coaching accepts online payments, paypal & bacs payment for all its memberships & services. At some programmes cash will be accepted as a means of payment for individual sessions but we also accept credit & debit cards with contactless payment available. Unfortunately we do not currently accept childcare vouchers. 


All bookings will be confirmed by email. In some cases programmes will offer a free trial session if confirmed and agreed with company director prior to the day. Soccer Schools will operate a pay on day service if prior booking has not been made only if there is space in order to comply with required coach ratios & full payment has been made.



Each customer has the right to cancel or change any booking within 14 days of making the booking. We offer FREE changes to any existing booking this does not include cancellation of the booking. Cancellation of a booking by customer must be made within 14 days if no longer required for full refund. Platform Sports Coaching will not offer a refund after the 14 day period has passed, if a cancellation is made after 14 days of booking a credit voucher will be issued which can be used towards any platform sports coaching programme. Cancellation of a Booking by Platform Sports Coaching will be refunded in full.


Platform Sports Coaching will not be liable for the loss or damage of any item of personal/valuable property brought to any of its venues. We advise parents to ensure that all bags and clothing are clearly labelled with the child’s name. Children are requested not to bring mobile phones or electronic devices to any Platform Sports Coaching service. Platform Sports Coaching do not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of any mobile phone or electronic devices that are brought to its services. Any lost property kept by Platform Sports Coaching will only be stored for a limited time if not claimed it will be disposed of appropriately.


Platform Sports Coaching has a strict no nonsense policy on behaviour at all its services. We believe in good atitudes equally good players and demand this of all our players. All coaches treat players with respect and use positive reinforcement as a strategy of behaviour management. Platform Sports Coaching demands the same respect from parents & guardians towards the coaches and has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abuse and aggressive behavior towards its coaches. The company follows a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind. Platform Sports Coaching may reserve the right in very rare serious cases to ask parents/legal guardians to remove children from its services. In doing so Platform Sports Coaching also has the right to terminate any current bookings and refuse future bookings. In this extreme case, no refund will be made for any remaining sessions or bookings.


Our Terms apply from when you book a programme or register with Platform Sports Coaching and continues as long as you use the Services. 


As good practice some of our services will operate a sign in & sign out procedure. This is so we know what children we have on site & allows us to take regualr head counts in order to comply with our safeguarding policy.  At venues that operate a sign in & sign out policy the following must occur:

- All children must be signed in and out of service at the start and end of the day/session by a parent/legal guardian or an authorised carer

- Platform Sports Coaching must be notified if a different person is collecting their child & name of person put onto register notes.

- On 1st day of soccer school child information forms must be provided and handed into the registration tent. 


In the event of a child not being collected on time Platform Sports Coaching must be notified in advance of the lateness. If notified and agreed with company director not fee will be charged. If Platform Sports Coaching receive no notification of late collection then a late fee will be charged per child if they are not collected within their booked hours or prior to the service closing. The late fees are £10 for lateness of between 15-30 minutes and thereafter £1.00 per minute. The late fee covers the cost of staff overtime to remain with the child. If late collection is for the first time then the parent or guardian will be issued with a warning. The second late incident will incur a fine and the parent/legal guardian will be advised of this on collection of the child.  


All Platform Sports Coaching coaches go through an enhanced DBS check and references. All coaches & volunteers agree to our safeguarding policy. Platform Sports Coaching coaches have a duty of care to act if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse. Any disclosure of child abuse or neglect will be fully investigated and reported to our designated safeguarding officer. 


Platform Sports Coaching is dynamic and ever changing company that value the community. With this in mind we try to work with our players,partners & parents to offer the best possible experience. If you would like to share an experience with us we would be more than welcome to hear from you in order to ehance our services for the future.  All complaints will be dealt with in a fair manner and must be made via email FAO Director to info@platformsportscoaching.co.uk